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Swedish & Deep Tissue

The classic and most well known massages, Swedish & Deep Tissue are the standard massages that uses long strokes up and down the body to induce a state of absolute tranquility and bliss​


Hawaiian Lomilomi

An exotic massage style that treats your whole body as one. Instead of a compartmentalized approach in which one muscle is treated at a time, Hawaiian Lomilomi weaves with the whole fabric of your being at once. In a never ending dance, your mind will be whisked away and in its place will be an induced state of hypnotic ecstasy​

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You are encouraged to be completely undressed to keep the flow smooth, continuous, and unbroken. There will be minimum draping so if draping is a major concern for you, Hawaiian Lomilomi may not be for you. A 90 mimutes session is recommended with the Hawaiian Lomilomi massage to receive the full immersive experience​​

Thai Yoga

Thai Yoga is a unique massage that focuses on loosening up the body by stretching the muscles with yoga poses. While you remain completely clothed during the whole massage, the muscles are warmed up with slow rhythmic palm presses and forearm rolling which is then followed up by passive assisted stretching

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The proper attire for Thai Yoga is loose fitting clothing such as yoga pants or sweat pants with a t-shirt or tank top. A 90 minutes session is recommended with the Thai Yoga massage to receive the full immersive experience

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Fire Cupping

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Fire Cupping is the style of massage in which pain management takes priority. Using a variety of techniques like deep tissue, stretching, and negative pressure through cupping, this is the most effective massage for treating chronic and acute pain


Fire Cupping can leave red or purple circular marks that look like bruises on the back. They are not actual bruises, but rather congested lymph fluid being released. The marks should not hurt but they may be tender and/or itchy. The discoloration may last 1- 2 weeks

Integrative Prenatal

A prenatal massage that incorporate techniques from Swedish and Thai Yoga. With Integrative Prenatal, the massage will start in the side lying position to get to the back of the body. Then you will transition to a face-up position to have the front of the body massaged while incorporating some stretches to your treatment to help loosen up the muscles


Premium Massage

Hot Stone Fusion

Not your ordinary hot stone massage, Hot Stone Fusion is the next level of evolution in hot stone therapy. Start the massage by warming up your muscles with some Himalayan Massage Crystals, then get deep with the Synergy Stones, and finish off with some broad relaxing strokes from the Bamboo Fusion Massage Bars. Using a mixture of strokes from the different tools, ​the ultimate hot stone massage can be given


$25 Extra for the Hot Stone Fusion

Tree World Spa Massage Partners

Quang and Tree World Spa are part of a bigger wellness community that focus on giving you the best massage in Denver. If for any reasons you believe Quang or Tree World Spa may not be for you, please consider giving one of the other therapist in our wellness community a chance. "The Studios" is a large office complex with several independent massage therapist co-inhabiting and each running their own separate business


Haley Bangert

Colorado Massage Co.


Shelby Mendoza

Hyve Wellness

Please click here to learn more about Tree World Spa Massage Partners

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