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I never had a massage before. What should I expect?

Before the massage starts Quang will have a short consultation with you to discuss your individual needs, such as if you are currently experiencing any aches or pains, what your goals are for the massage, and what kind of pressure you prefer. After all the necessary information is collected a customized plan will be created to ensure all your needs will be met and he will leave the room and have you undress to your level of comfort and have you lay down on the massage table under the sheets.

Do I have to be undressed for the massage?
For western style massage, undressing is a necessary part of the massage. Many people prefer to get undressed completely however if you feel more comfortable with your undergarment on, that is completely fine and will not affect the quality of the massage. If undressing is still a concern, Thai Yoga massage is an excellent alternative. With Thai Yoga massage, you remain completely clothed during the entire massage and pressure will be given through the clothes.

Is there anything I need to do before getting a massage? After a massage?
Before a massage, avoid eating or drinking anything in excess and please remember to go to the bathroom to avoid any discomfort during the massage. After a massage, drinking plenty of water is recommended to hydrate the body.

How often should I receive a massage?
There is no limit to how often you can enjoy a massage. Indulge every week or only on special occasions. Many people make getting a massage a part of their monthly health care routine to ensure their muscles stay loose and to keep their stress levels to a minimum.

The big franchise spas charges $85 for a massage, why should I come to Tree World Spa?
The big franchise spas do charge $85 for their massage sometimes and depending on your budget and situation, these places may be more appropriate for you. However, the $85 pricing is only available if you commit to a 1 year membership contract in which you will have to pay $85 every month even if you don't get a massage. If you do not not lock yourself into a long-term contract, the big franchise spas will charge you $145 for a 50 minutes massage session ($2.90/min.). All of their massages will include 5 minutes for the therapist to quickly discuss your needs and have you undress and another 5 minutes to have you get up, re-dress and then the therapist will have to hurry to change the sheets then grab their next customer to keep up with the strict hourly scheduling system.

Frequently Ask Questions

Here at Tree World Spa, you will not be given the in-and out fast food big franchise spa experience where the business model is about pushing out as many cheap generic massages as possible. At Tree World Spa, the emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

Here at Tree World Spa, you will not be limited to just the generic massages like you would be if your went​ to a big franchise spa. At Tree World Spa, we offer a variety of different massage styles with complimentary enhancement with every massage. Here at Tree World Spa, you will not be massage with cheap factory produced products like at the big franchise spa.

At Tree World Spa, we make our own line of home-made hand-crafted from scratch organic vegan goods. Here at Tree World Spa, 60 minutes massages starts at $2.00/min. and there is 30 minutes taken between each massage where as at the big franchise spas, 50 minutes massage starts at $2.90/min. and there is 10 minutes taken between each massage. That is not including the cost of any enhancements which the big franchise spa will charge more for. At Tree World Spa, because we are a small boutique spa, we can provide a superior service for less money.

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